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Peace BE with YOU
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Title: Peace BE with YOU
Description: This photo was shot at my favorite backcountry spot on Mount Rose overlooking North Lake Tahoe. They are doing a yoga move they call "Peace Be with You" Amazingly this cloud brought magic to this image. The composition of the cloud magically appeared where it is on it's own!? I love this shot, it is my answer to everything in life...PEACE BE WITH YOU...if I get worried or stressed I gaze at this shot and PEACE IS with ME! This is the best picture I have ever taken, and ever will captures the Spirit of the mountains and lake of Tahoe, and the beautiful Spirit's of two of the greatest snowboarder's I've ever met and photographed!
Artist: Shelley Faust
Date: April 24, 2009
File Type: bmp
File Size: 225 KB
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Price: $43.00
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