Flexi and PhotoPRINT 10.5
PDF RIP Engine Update

RIP Engine Information

Thank you for choosing Flexi and PhotoPRINT version 10.5! In this version, you will find SAiís new PDF RIP Engine. This next generation raster image processing technology highly improves rendering of objects, effects and transparencies. SAi is confident that moving to this more sophisticated RIP engine with better output will greatly improve your experience with our software solutions.

Fill out the information below to receive an updated password and link to download the latest SAi update. First, enter your 6 or 7 digit User ID, which can be found on the back of your USB dongle (if your license came supplied with a USB HW-key). If your license came with a softkey, use the ID number you got together with the password. Next, enter the first 4 digits of your password (which can be found by opening your software and going to Help>About).

Having Trouble? Please contact your reseller or email us at esupport@saintl.biz.

New Password Retrieval

Please enter your User ID, Password and select the Installation Agreement. Click "Get New Password" to retrieve you new password and access the download link.

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By checking this box, you agree to install version 10.5, which will enable the new PDF RIP engine.