Vehicle Templates
4,000+ line-drawn cars and trucks are saved as FS files. Templates are created at 1:20th scale and are completely editable. Used for partial or full wraps and allows for easy graphic or lettering layout.
$19.95 each select product
Over 23,000 vinyl- and print-ready corporate and brand logos. Vector graphics ensure clean, smooth lines even when resizing and coloring.
$14.95 each select product
The Bad Wrap
The Bad Wrap templates are professionally photographed and expertly sized to factory specs by seasoned vehicle wrap designers who understand the process of creating files for printing. Drag and drop graphic elements right onto the layered TIFF templates in SAi Flexi.
$29.95 each select product
Graphic Images & Backgrounds
1000+ high-resolution creative themes. Many subjects and applications ranging from skulls and flames to people and places and more. Pick your image, layout on vehicle, show the customer and get started.
$7.95 - $35.00 each select product
Window Tint
1000s of window patterns for all the popular cars and trucks. Put your choice of tint film in the cutter, pick your vehicle and cut to scale. Get 4 extra cars out of every roll of film using these patterns vs hand cutting.
$19.95 each select product
Vehicle Paint Protection Film Templates
Protect front fascias, bumpers, hoods, mirrors, or the entire car from dents, dings, nicks, scratches, and fading of paint by UV rays.
select product
Installation Tools
Squeegees, Scrapers and blades, heaters, dryers. Removers, cleaners, polishers. Available individually or in bulk.
select product
Sticky Stencils
Selection of unique graphic patterns in vector format. Suitable for use with any make or style of vehicle. Mix and match to make custom designs.
$24.95 each select product
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